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This is Janet of the Wilkinson LeFevre Team at Keller Williams NYC. This newsletter is a personal story that is meant to raise awareness about how important it is for all of us to stay vigilant about screening for cancer. Any type of cancer.


I was recently diagnosed with very early-stage DCIS breast cancer. Stage ZERO, my doctors tell me. When I got the call, I lost my breath, felt weak in the knees, and started sweating. All those terrible scenarios ran through my mind like they would for anyone receiving this news, even though the “stage ZERO” part was a good thing. Once I sat with it for a while, I started to feel stronger. I prayed and counted my blessings. The first blessing being that I was exactly on time for my mammogram! If I had put it off even six months, my doctors say, we would have been having a different conversation. I have now gone through the process of needle biopsy and lumpectomy and am feeling great. My doctors tell me that I am going to be just fine!


What better time to share my personal experience with you than during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Luckily, exactly at the time I received my diagnosis, Katie Couric went public with her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent journey. It really helped me as I read her story over and over. Katie’s story is here.


The message from me to you is that the best protection is early detection! Stay healthy and strong and take care of yourself by making an appointment for your cancer screening. If I can help just one person by sending this message, then sending this message was the right thing to do!

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